Global Partneships. Local Expertise.

Martindale (also Ethypharm) – UK

Martindale is a specialty pharmaceutical company that deals in the treatment of pain, addiction and the provision of critical care medicine.

Cipla- India

Cipla researches, manufactures and distributes over 1,500 products across various therapeutic categories in customised dosage forms.

Serum Institute - India

The world's largest vaccine manufacturer by the number of doses and global sales, the Serum Institute manufactures and distributes Polio, Diphtheria, Tetanus, BCG, pneumococcal and COVID-19 vaccines.

Top Glove

Founded in 1991, Top Glove has come a long way from its humble beginnings, today they are the world’s largest rubber glove manufacturer.


A leading Malaysian latex glove manufacturer specializing in OEM and private label for export. Qube also offers ‘Qube’ glove products, which has been marketed worldwide.


One of the largest companies in the “China Top 500”. It is mainly engaged in R&D, Manufacturing and Distribution of Finished Drugs, Bulk Pharmaceuticals, and Intermediates & Chemicals.

Trident Lifeline

Trident Lifeline Private Limited (TLPL) company was established as a standard manufacturer and supplier for surgical, pharmaceutical and dental remedies.

Galpha Laboratories

Galpha is engaged in the manufacturing and marketing of Formulation (Finished Dosage Forms) in India.

Advy Chemicals – India

Advy Chemicals manufactures and distributes antigens, antibodies, diagnostic kits and women’s health and fertility.

Regent Pharma – India

Regent Pharma is a manufacturer of a general range of pharmaceuticals including antibiotics, antifungal, antimalarial, anti ulcerants, and gynaecological medication.

Healthcare Formulations – India

Healthcare Formulations is a manufacturer of a general range of pharmaceuticals including antibiotics, antifungal, gastric and gynaecological medication.

Farbe Firma – India

Healthcare Formulations is a manufacturer of a general range of pharmaceuticals including antibiotics, antifungal, gastric and gynaecological medication.

GLS Pharma – India

GLS Pharma specialises in oncology pharmaceuticals. Their portfolio includes oncology APIs, supportive care and haematological solutions.

Concept Pharmaceuticals – India

Concept Pharmaceuticals is a diversified pharmaceutical manufacturer that deals with generic and bulk drug production and medical electronics including critical care products such as cardiac monitors.

Ace Enterprises – India

Ace Enterprises is an exporter of various pharmaceutical products including tablets, capsules, syrups, dry syrups, injections, dry injections, ointments as well as X-ray chemicals and consumables.

Emcure – India

Emcure develops, manufactures, and markets a broad range of biopharmaceutical products which include formulations, biologics and APIs.

Wego Group

Situated in Weihai city, specializing in producing disposable medical products & trading medical devices such as disposable infusion & transfusion sets, syringes, blood bags & venous blood collection sets.

Reyoung Pharmaceuticals

Established in 1966, Reyoung is a specialized high-tech manufacturer of powder injections. They are one of the largest manufacturers of Mezlocillin Sodium in China.

Shachuan Medical

Founded in 1988, their main products are disposable infusion sets, syringe sets, hypodermic needles, scalp vein sets, blood transfusion sets, urine bags, vaginal speculum and umbilical cord clamps

Bal Pharmacy

A leading Indian Pharmaceutical Company specializing in Prescription drugs, Generic, OTC Products, Intravenous infusion and Bulk Actives.

Tablet India Limited

Tablet India specialises in the research into and manufacture of probiotics, fertility support, and respiratory and parenteral pharmaceutical solutions.

Renata Pharma – Bangladesh

Renata Pharma manufactures and distributes a wide range of general and specialised pharmaceuticals.

Yeluri Formulations – India

Yeluri Formulations specialises in the production of Sterile Powder Injectables

Incepta Pharma – Bangladesh

Incepta Pharma specialises in high-technology dosage forms including sustained release, quick mouth dissolving and effervescent tablets. They also deal in prefilled syringe products, Insulin and Insulin analogue and biological products.

Vivimed – India

Vivimed develops a diverse product portfolio of branded formulations in ophthalmic, nutraceutical and dermatological applications.

Sai Parenteral – India

Sai Parenteral manufactures and distributes sterile dry powder injections and sterile liquid injections in form of prefilled syringes, ampoules and vials.

Biological E – India

Biological E specialises in branded formulations, speciality generic injectables, synthetic biology and vaccines and biologics.

Sanfer Pharma – Mexico

Sanfer Pharma produces pharmaceutical products that include ampoules, vials, pre-filled syringes, oral solids, oral suspensions and antibiotics.

Viviora Life Sciences – India

Viviora Lifesciences is a leading wholesale trader of a wide range of Face Masks, Rapid Test Kits, Pharmaceutical Tablets and more. They procure these products from the most trusted and renowned vendors after stringent market analysis.

Shijiazhuang Pharmaceutical Group Co. Ltd – China

Shijiazhuang Pharmaceutical Group researches, develops, manufactures and sells pharmaceutical products including active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) and formulations including antibiotics and analgesics.

When it comes to medical equipment, we can also supply from the following manufacturers.

Anke – China

Anke specialises in the design and manufacture of CT scanners, MRI machines and high-pressure injectors.

Elekta – Sweden

Elekta manufactures the equipment necessary for radiation therapy, neurosurgery, brachytherapy and radiosurgery.

Sternmed – Germany

Sternmed produces surgical tables, surgical lighting, medical pumps, ventilators, anaesthesia units as well as MRI and ultrasound machines.

Philips – The Netherlands

Philips, a world leader in medical electronics, specializes in medical imaging solutions that include ECGs, MRIs, ultrasound and mammography.

Vinno Ultrasound

VINNO focuses on the development and manufacture of high-end color Doppler ultrasound diagnostic systems and offers accessible medical solutions through continuous innovation.