Supply Chain

Supply chain logistics is where we at United Pharma excel. From our extensive experience of bringing new products to market, to our just-in-time delivery that ensures that our clients don’t have to hold extensive stock on premises.

Central Warehousing

Our entire business for each country within the region is run from a central location with easy access to main highways. Our current warehousing size is 20,000 sq feet.

Local Stocking Systems

ERP systems within our warehouses are connected locally to ensure product availability as well as smooth transition from the time of order to delivery.

Real-time Client Management

Effectively handling client requirements is at the core of our business. We have invested in a dedicated CRM team that can handle your orders and track them through the entire supply chain in real-time.

Tender Provisions

Our entire in-house tender system is automated and designed to expedite the tender process. This efficiency has enabled our team to process numerous quotes at the most competitive pricing.

Just-in-time Logistics

At United Pharma we understand that today’s distribution and retail outlets have less allocated space for stock keeping, and as such, we have adapted our systems to handle just-in-time deliveries, allowing for our clients to have smaller warehouses and retail outlets, while still serving their customers with products of their choice.

Distribution Network

Our delivery fleet is maintained and serviced in-house and we are consistently investing in new delivery vehicles to meet client requirements.

We also have a well-trained National sales force to complement our regional distributors and institutional