Our Partners

International partners... local learning

Working with some of the largest global manufacturers has inspired our senior management to adopt a

Top Glove

Founded in 1991, Top Glove has come a long way from its humble beginnings, today they are the world’s largest rubber glove manufacturer.

Reyoung Pharmaceuticals

Established in 1966, Reyoung is a specialized high-tech manufacturer of powder injections. They are one of the largest manufacturers of Mezlocillin Sodium in China.

Wego Group

Situated in Weihai city, specializing in producing disposable medical products & trading medical devices such as disposable infusion & transfusion sets, syringes, blood bags & venous blood collection sets.

Shanchuan medical

Founded in 1988, their main products are disposable infusion sets, syringe sets, hypodermic needles, scalp vein sets, blood transfusion sets, urine bags, vaginal speculum and umbilical cord clamps


A leading Malaysian latex glove manufacturer specializing in OEM and private label for export. Qube also offers ‘Qube’ glove products, which has been marketed worldwide.


One of the largest companies in the “China Top 500”. It is mainly engaged in R&D, Manufacturing and Distribution of Finished Drugs, Bulk Pharmaceuticals, and Intermediates & Chemicals.

Trident Lifeline

Trident Lifeline Private Limited (TLPL) company was established as a standard manufacturer and supplier for surgical, pharmaceutical and dental remedies.

Bal Pharma

A leading Indian Pharmaceutical Company specializing in Prescription drugs, Generic, OTC Products, Intravenous infusion and Bulk Actives.

Galpha Laboratories

Galpha is engaged in the manufacturing and marketing of Formulation (Finished Dosage Forms) in India.