About Kiboko

Our Group plays a vital role helping people around the East Africa meet every day needs for sustenance. We are a global merchandiser of commodities. Our diversified activities span the value chain where we operate from farm to fork, aiming to get the right food to the right people at the right time. Kiboko Commodities is part of the United Pharma Group.

Our Promise

Kiboko Commodities Ltd is dedicated to making commerce easier. Whether you need a buyer, a reliable source, or help identifying and developing new markets, we have the track record, service and tools you need. As an international agri-products trading and marketing company, we help you buy or sell commodities globally – from the family farm to seaports half-a-world away.

Why Us?

We are renowned for our integrity and financial performance throughout Kenya and International markets. Our trading offices represent over 10 years of grain marketing experience. We know the markets and our customers get the best value for their grain – selling or buying. In today’s uncertain times, you need experience to help make the best marketing decisions.