About Us

Your health, our science

United Pharma (K) Ltd is a recognized importer, wholesaler and distributor of pharmaceutical and medical devices in East Africa.

Started in 1994, our headquarters are situated in Nairobi, the capital city of Kenya.

Over the years we have established ourselves as a leading supplier of affordable and quality Human Health Medicines.

Our initial strategy was to enhance access to our products across Kenya. By 1998, we had established ourselves as the preferred partner for accredited pharmacies across the region.

Today, we have ventured across the Sub-Saharan region. By creating strong relationships with reliable partners and through development of synergies with local distributors and retailers, we have been able deliver our products across the region.

We are Manufacturers, Importers, Exporters and Distributors of Pharmaceutical Healthcare, Nutritional and Generic Products.


To be the leading importer and distributor of pharmaceutical and surgical products in the East African region.


To provide quality pharmaceutical and surgical products

To provide affordable and innovative medicines for healthier lives

To provide excellent distribution services to all our customers


At United Pharma we believe in strong ethical business practices, and as such, we pride ourselves on being the ‘peoples’ pharmaceutical provider. Our objectives are simple; to reduce costs and ensure that our product range is affordable and made available to as many consumers as possible.

United Pharma Core Business

United Pharma is committed to the pharmaceutical industry of Africa. We have expanded our business from retail to wholesale and importation. By 2018, we plan to open a state-of-the-art manufacturing plant. Currently, our business model is broken into three specific areas: Branded Pharmaceuticals, Generic Pharmaceuticals and Medical and Laboratory devices.

We are currently launching United Pharma franchise pharmacies across the Kenyan region, with a long-term expansion strategy of launching franchise outlets across the Sub Saharan region.

  • 5%Franchise Pharmacy
  • 40%Generic Drugs
  • 30%Medical & Laboratory Devices
  • 20%Branded Drugs